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    7 Stay at Home Hobbies to Try Out

    7 Stay at Home Hobbies to Try Out

    What to do when you just don’t FEEL like going outside? Maybe the weather is too hot or too cold. Maybe you’d rather spend the day in pyjamas? Regardless of the reason, why not try getting into a new indoor hobby? Staying at home doesn’t mean you spend the whole day binge-watching your favourite show. Sure that’s plenty fun, but not entirely productive. There are all sorts of things you could get into! Here are a few suggestions you could start in the comfort of your own home!

    7 Stay at Home Hobbies to Try Out

    1. Amp Up Your Cooking Skills
      Everybody loves food! Yay! When it comes to home cooking, there are two types of people: those who cook out of necessity and those who genuinely love to experiment! If you aren’t already into dishing out amazing meals, why not give it a go? You’d be surprised on what you could accomplish (and eat too boot).
    2. Learn A New Language
      You’d be pretty surprised to discover how USEFUL and FUN it is to learn a new language. Remember all those times you heard and language and thought “How cool does that sound?” or have you had something translated and their version gave more meaning to the simple things in life? Learning a new language will not only challenge your mind but if you keep it up you might find yourself some new friends and a new skill to add to your resume.
    3. Get Into More Writing
      People usually think that you have to be gifted, talented or a natural when it comes to writing and often forget that writing, in fact, is a learned skill. Sure, some people may have an easier time letting words flow but you can still learn! If you ever had a story you wanted to share but didn’t feel like your skills were up to par, time to get scribbling! It’s all about practice, reading, research, and more practice and you’ll be a bonafide writer in no time!
    4. Mindlessly Knit
      No, knitting is not just for grandma. You could do it too! You’d be surprised just at how therapeutic it can be and you’re actually making stuff you could use or give away as a gift (tis the season!). It’s also one of those hobbies that allow you to multitask. Like, you could watch your favourite show and knit at the same time (see what I did there).7 Stay at Home Hobbies to Try Out
    5. Bring Out The Board Games & Puzzles
      You don’t have to be a kid or have kids to still enjoy board games! Remember when you were younger, how much fun it was playing into the night and competing against your friends and family? Dust off those boxes, invite people over for some fun, food and play the night away! On another note, if you’d rather chill by yourself, you could always bring out a puzzle and revisit it throughout the day.
    6. Work Out
      If you’re one of those people that don’t really have time to go out and exercise or isn’t comfortable around other people, there are all kinds of workout plans you could do at home. You could do some research on already made plans or create one on your own. You don’t need large equipment or a large collection of weights to keep you healthy.
    7. Practice Calligraphy
      Who doesn’t appreciate a handwritten note that looks lovely? Calligraphy is pretty much the perfect union of writing and painting. You could learn this new skill and be ready for birthdays, weddings, holidays and all sorts of celebrations! A stylised note will always have the something extra to it!

      Staying at home is great! It shouldn’t be seen as something as lazy or an excuse to be (though once in a while it’s okay). Remember to try something new and keep practising and you’ll have a happy hobby in no time! Which ones do you think you’ll try out here? Let us know in the comments section below!

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