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    Why You Should Get a Full Wellness Check-up

    Why You Should Get a Full Wellness Check-up

    Hey! How’s it going? All good? Are you sure about that? What appears on the outside doesn’t always reflect what’s going on inside. This is why getting a comprehensive head to toe check-up is so important! Having a rundown of what’s happening with you internally is the first step to taking preventive measures seriously. By having a full wellness check-up you establish a baseline of where you are now and allows your doctor to detect if you have any risk factors.

    You Can Never Be Too Sure

    Many people are living with diseases; the sad part is a lot of them don’t know about it. Why? If you get sick you almost always try to resolve it yourself and only if you get worse do you go seek help. Even how healthy your lifestyle is, there are certain factors you just don’t have control over. But one thing for sure you can do is book a full wellness checkup for yourself and advise your family and friends to do the same.

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    Simple and Easy Detection

    A wellness check-up can easily detect the two most common and deadly chronic conditions: diabetes and high blood pressure. As you know these conditions pretty much deteriorate your body and lead to a long list of other conditions that you don’t want to live with. By getting examined by a professional, discussing your lifestyle and concerns (no matter how small) and doing some lab tests is all it takes.

    Maintenance and Monitoring

    Having yourself screened is even more important if you already have a chronic health condition. A small change in blood pressure or blood sugar will greatly impact your health. With proper disease management, you can avoid those rushed trips to the emergency room.

    Connecting With Your Doctor

    Another benefit is that you build the relationship between you, your doctor and their staff. Should a crisis occur; they will be all set to help you right away. They know your history, they know your conditions and will care about you on a personal level.

    How You Can Help You

    Make the most and get more out of your check-up! Before you book, make a list of any concerns, medications you’re taking, a copy of your medical records, and a copy of your family medical history. Call your doctor and ask about what tests or screenings will be run and check with your insurance provider what would be covered. Take hold of your health and schedule today!

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