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    How to Help Your Child Fight Obesity With Healthy Habits

    How to Help Your Child Fight Obesity With Healthy Habits

    Happy, healthy kids! Every parent’s dream is to raise happy and healthy kids. The happy part is easy as for the healthy, well takes a little more effort. As adults we know kids are a bundle of endless energy but as we get older that energy slows down and it just keeps on getting easier to eat a little more and move a little less.

    If kids become obese early on, it is difficult for them to regain their ideal weight and return to being active. Prevent this by creating a plan consisting of lots of healthy food, exercise, and the right timings. Here are some tips to include in that plan.

    Cut down on snacks intake

    breakfast-21707_960_720Eating snacks is not necessarily bad if you control yourself and choose healthier options. There are a variety of snacks, with different amounts of calories, ingredients, and nutrients. If your child really can’t go without a snack, then opt for a smaller portion or a bigger healthier option. Instead of finishing a whole chocolate bar, several peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or a whole jar of Nutella, teach your child to eat only a little and save some for next time.

    For instance, give your kids only a piece of the chocolate or a spoonful of the spread, and that would be all for the day. By doing this, you teach your child to split a whole portion into smaller bits that they will eat for days, avoiding unhealthy snacking.

    However, if you want to go into full health mode, then pick nutritious snacks that are good for your child’s health. For instance, you could offer them fruits and vegetables, yogurt, smoothies and so on. Healthier options are a lot more filling for your kids to keep them satisfied until their next meal.

    Prepare homemade meals

    salmon-1312372_960_720Aside from cutting down on snacks, you should also find a balanced diet plan and serve as much as possible only homemade meals to your kids. Instead of visiting fast food restaurants, make an effort to cook all the meals yourself. If you think this is impossible because you lack the time, then make a whole week meal plan. For example, each Sunday, make a large meal, or several of them, and split them into days.

    That way, you will have a portion prepared for each day, whether it is only lunch or lunch and breakfast. Apart from making your kids healthier, this would also save you money, as well as time.

    Eating healthy benefits their whole system. Their heart would feel better and they will have a lower risk of heart failure, high blood pressure, diabetes or any similar disease. Adopting a healthy lifestyle early on sets a good base for living a good life later, when the kids get older.


    Make them participate in physical activities

    One other thing that helps with leading a fit life is being physically active. Unfortunately, the majority of kids choose to play computer games and avoid any kind of sports. But, it is time to break this stigma and get your kids moving! Sitting for too long is bad for anyone, especially for the little ones, as it increases the risk of developing serious illnesses, and having poor body development throughout their childhood.

    Try introducing them to a sports program like football, swimming or running. These are all great options that help with strengthening the immune system and enabling healthy growth. Not only would it help cut down the time spent sitting down, but it would also teach them about responsibility, organization, and teamwork. All in all, it is a positive experience that every child should have.

    Tackling this obesity fight early on will yield extremely good results, and your children will be grateful later on. You could do it in several ways, and combine a few of them for the best possible outcome. Better yet you could join your kids and set the right example! If you need a little help to get you started you could call 800DOCTOR for a consultation at home, and have the whole family talk with a doctor on how this benefits your children’s health. Hopefully, with this consultation, the kids will receive a better insight into the whole situation and gladly adopt a healthier lifestyle.

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