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    How to Know if Your Workout is Working

    How to Know if Your Workout is Working

    Have you ever worked your butt off at the gym for days on end for months at a time and had no change whatsoever? Sucks huh? What a great way to kill your motivation. But don’t give up! When it comes to exercise and working out, fitness experts always emphasise to find what works for you. This doesn’t just refer to what fits in your schedule or the location but rather what your body responds to. Whether it’s jogging, biking, dancing, swimming or boxing, your body will react differently. You got to find the right workout for you.

    Change Things Up

    Why? Well, there are a number of factors to consider like genetics, current health, previous injuries (if any), lifestyle, diet, time of the year etc. So how do you know what works for you? Try everything! Unless you have health issues or old injuries that would inhibit you, then you should consult with a doctor on what options you could try out. All forms of exercise are healthy but the goal is to find something that is effective and something you enjoy. For example, if running tires you out, swells up your knees and doesn’t change your fitness level then stop and try let’s say, swimming. If after a month of swimming you find that your clothes fit better. Then the choice is obvious!

    Touch Base

    With so many forms of exercise out there, how do you know when something is working out for you? You need a baseline. A study done by a team lead by Brendon Gurd of Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada suggests following a simple home test. Start by briskly walking or taking some steps until you feel your pulse pick up. Check it, measure it and use that as your baseline. From there, go about your workout for about four weeks and do the same test. If your pulse is lower and the workouts feel easier, it’s working! If not, well time to move on to something else.

    Something Will Work

    This is the key focus. Don’t lose hope. Even after trying out all kinds of workouts, you will eventually find something that works for you. You could try endurance and strength training at a gym, biking on the mountainside, swimming at a pool, take up a dance class or enrol in martial arts. Just be sure that before you try anything out you do the baseline test and get Full Wellness Checkup with your doctor. As mentioned earlier, certain factors such as your current lifestyle, genetics, underlying health conditions or old injuries need to be taken into consideration to avoid injury.

    Not all workouts were created equally or will work out for everyone. But everyone will benefit from exercise. All it takes is finding the right routine. Have you found the workout that works for you?  What is it? Got any advice for someone looking for the right one? Share in the comments section below!

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